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Our Approach

We firmly believe every client’s requirements are unique and therefore a standard, off the shelf solution, rarely achieves the overall objectives.
We therefore work in partnership with our clients to design and deliver an overall support package for your ongoing learning and development that incorporates your values and culture into the process.

This can be through training, and/or coaching. More importantly though, should other options be a better alternative to training, we will be honest and not recommend unnecessary interventions. We will however work with you to find the best solution recognising this may be with another provider. This integrity and honesty is key to our success.

Your support package includes:

Our approach is best summarised in the 10 points below:-

  1. Your initial requirements will be discussed with you. Following this, we will design a programme and submit a proposal and draft content for approval.
  2. We invite you to amend the content and when you are happy, it will be signed off.
  3. Delivery date(s) will be agreed convenient for you and your team.
  4. Our Trainer will contact you for an introductory call and fine-tune the specific content.
  5. Two weeks before the course, we will send you the pre-course preparation documents.
  6. On the day, we invite the delegates to share their learning objectives with the Trainer.
  7. At the end of the course, the delegates will be asked to complete an action plan detailing how they will put the learning into practice in the workplace.
  8. We suggest Line Managers meet with delegates to debrief the experience and discuss the action plan and what support is required to ensure the change of behaviour.
  9. We strongly recommend the action plan be reviewed within regular 1:1’s to ensure the learning is fully embedded into the workplace.
  10. As your Account Director, Keith will review the training with you to ensure it has met your objectives and to discuss further support, as required.

How we charge for our Training Services

We are totally transparent with our charging. Training is charged at £1,100 per day, (plus Travel and VAT). This includes design and delivery for up to 12 delegates. We do not charge design time unless there is unique content required, in which case, we agree this with you in advance.

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