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Frequently Asked Questions

We are based some distance from Kent, will you travel this far?

Our Consultants have worked on projects all over the United Kingdom and Europe. Distance is no object. We have a firm belief that you should use the Consultancy that delivers the highest quality, not the one that is the closest.

We are looking for training in a subject that you do not mention. Can you still help us?

Our list is not exhaustive. If you are looking for training in a specific area, please do contact us and let us know your requirements.

Because we use a wide range of Consultants, it is likely that we have the expertise within the Company to deliver what you are looking for.

However, in the unlikely event that we cannot provide a solution to your problem, we will let you know at the outset. Our values are based on honesty and integrity and as a result, we will only agree to undertake a contract where we can ensure that we deliver an excellent service to match your needs.

We are looking to run a programme on a set date, would you be available?

Because we use a number of Consultants, it is likely that we will be able to match your dates. The earlier you can contact us, the better. However, we will always endeavour to accommodate your requests.

How do you handle the information we share with you?

Athelbrae takes your privacy very seriously and we confirm to the GDPR Data Protection requirements. To view our Privacy Policy, please click here. Privacy Policy

Why are you called "Athelbrae"?

When we moved to our previous address in 1995, we were looking for a house name. Kate's father was a Merchant Navy Captain who worked for a number of tanker companies, one of which was the Athel Line. Each ship's name was prefixed with the word 'Athel', (for example, AthelKnight). Kate's father's first command was the Athelbrae. When the ship was decommissioned, he was presented with the nameplate from the bridge. When he died in 1992, he left this nameplate to Kate. Hence, we decided to call our new home, Athelbrae, in memory of Kate's father.

We started the business in 1998 and wanted an unusual name that was not linked to our family name. The obvious choice was Athelbrae Business Consultancy after the ship. A secondary benefit is that it will appear at the start of your address book. An obvious place for your provider of choice!!

Athelbrae Ship

Can you tell me a bit more about the ship?

The ship, (be careful not to call it a boat, naval people get extremely touchy over these sort of things!) is the Athelbrae which is the source of the business name (see the answer above).

The Athelbrae was built in 1955. She was a single deck single-screw steamship specifically built to sail in the shallow waters of the West Indies where she was loaded with sugar molasses to be transferred to the deep sea tankers that would take it across the Atlantic to Liverpool. The Athelbrae was one of three similar sized ships carrying out this work.

Her measurements were 153 feet long by 31 feet wide. The Athelbrae had a Gross Tonnage of 667.53 Tons. The Certificate of British Registry notes that its first Master was John Raymond Nicholson, Kate's late Father.

20 years